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    I don't know how to ask this question... Can you help?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I'll state right from the get-go, this is NOT a Premiere problem.  This is a Windows problem, but I don't know exactly what it is.


      Why I'm I posting it here?  It's in Premiere that I notice it the most.


      I can be watching my playback in Premiere fine and then all the sudden, my playback will stop.  At first I thought it was a bug in Premiere, but then I notcied it happening in AE and other non-Adobe programs.


      The computer is acting like I clicked away from Premiere, like on the desktop.  Playback stops and then I have to click my Premeire window again to make it active and then play again. 


      This happens every 5 minutes or so (haven't timed it).


      When it clicks itself out, it doesn't really go anywhere that I can tell, but something is definitely making my active window/program become inactive.


      I'm not sure how to even phrase this question since I don't know what is really going on.  But it's driving me crazy in Premiere as I'm in it about 15 hours a day.  So it's happening, as you can imagine, 5-10 times an hour during my playack.


      In fact, just at this very moment it did it again while writing here.  My Chrome page became inactive and I had to reclick right here to continue writing.


      Any suggestions on where to even start?


      I've had probably 50 computers since Windows 98 and I've never seen this before.