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    what's the point?

    phillipkerman ACP
      it looks like there's a lot of stuff in this jam jar, but I'm getting blocked by some of the really buggy or unusable aspects. It just seems like some of it's REALLY half-baked or not totally finished. (Maybe they're all known issues.) For example, the zoom control is totally useless. I can't get the contents to stay centered. There's a ton of tiny bugs too. Finally, there are more notes to explain how stuff works than actual content. For example, the pink post it note telling me how to view the release notes.pdf is actually bigger than the pdf icon.

      Am I supposed to overlook those issues and really try to use this as tool? Is it just a demonstration of some of the available components? Seriously, the above comments are critical but constructive... I really do what to know the purpose of this app.
        • 1. what's the point?
          eerkmans Community Member
          I've been clicking around this interface for 10 minutes but can't for the life of me figure out what I'm supposed to do.
          This is another great example of cramming as many technical features in an application as you can, without bothering about who's going to use it, why they would use it, and how anybody is going to figure out how anything works.