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    Adobe Photoshop CS6 won't run, problem with Application Manager


      I've now got three Adobo Photoshop CS products on my MacBook Pro, the latest is CS6 which won't run.


      I own Photoshop CS3, I just happen to install the CS5.x suite today, which runs during the trial period (30 day, today is day #1).


      I then see that PSCS6 is out so I install that and get an error dialog.


      Adobe Photoshop CS6


      Adobe Application Manager, required to verify your license, is missing or damaged.


      Please download a new copy of Adobe Application Manager from http://www.adobe.com/go/applicationmanager.


      I go to that URL, run the new application manager and get that same dialog box when I try to run CS6.


      When I did the CS6b install it asked for my Adobe ID/password and I entered that and the install completed. So I'm not sure what's going on.