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    +67% Price difference EU/US?

    Spamhunter Newcomer

      Hi, I live in Europe and I am interested in purchasing Creative Suite Master Collection for my SME. However, while the price is given as US$2599 on the US page (€1969.23 at today's exchange rate), the price is given as 3301,65 on the Ireland page, That's a difference of €1330 ($1755) or +67% on the US price! Even excluding VAT the price is +45%.

      For living in Europe??


      Please explain.


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          BobLevine Legend

          This is a user to user forum, not a direct line to Adobe.




          That said, you might want to wait just a little while and check out the Creative Cloud offering with CS6 which Adobe has already said will launch in the second quarter of the year.





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            Spamhunter Newcomer

            Ah OK, thanks for that, Bob. Maybe a user has an idea of the pricing logic. And maybe other users are unaware of it.


            I haven't heard about CS6 plans as yet. I'll look out for it.

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              Mylenium Legend

              There's nothing to explain. Taxes, import fees, fixed exchange rates, distribution and reseller profit margins. Common business practice.



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                Spamhunter Newcomer

                Mylenium, I have bought a bunch of other software from the US & elsewhere over the last 15 years & have never seen this broad a price differential. So "Common business practice" as it pertains to Adobe is well well short of justifying it.

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                  BigJohnD Pioneer

                  Mylenium wrote:


                  There's nothing to explain. Taxes, import fees, fixed exchange rates, distribution and reseller profit margins. Common business practice.



                  True, but sad.


                  The large price differential has been around for years…

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                    Mylenium Legend

                    Well, but can you buy an LCD screen in Aussie land for the same price it costs in Korea? Can you buy a Korean car under those same conditions? Can I buy Apple hardware for the same price as in teh US here in Germany? Far from it. Point in case: Everyone does it and just because it's software doesn't change anything. True, Adobe could certainly be more generous and at least do some more special promos outside the US, but it's still their show and their decision. the rest is going nowhere. I've said many times that such discussions always have the ring of "I want to use Adobe software because I think it's useful, but i want to do it on my own terms." That is to say nobody is forcing anyone and there are enough alternatives out there. People do great things with CorelDraw, Serif Page Pro, GIMP, ArtRage, PD Paint, Inkscape, Scribus, the comp tree in Blender, Virtual Dub and whatever equivalent for each CS program you want to come up with, many of them free...



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                      Spamhunter Newcomer

                      Why are you talking about screens & cars & Apple hardware?


                      "...just because it's software doesn't change anything"! I see, so that suggests I should be charging Korean-car prices for the dozens of GB of data I send around the world every day, even though all it costs me is a little over €1/day for my cable connection? Hardly comparable with the costs of shipping, rail & road, rent & warehousing etc.


                      Yes, I DO want to use Adobe software, but I have never yet spent a penny on any of it, despite over 10 years of activity that might have been facilitated with the benefit of Adobe products. In fact, Adobe are already in negative-income territory where I am concerned as their employees (you included?) have already spent a fair amount of salaried time with me to no avail - let alone the scalable return that might be possible from multiple licenses should that first investment prove beneficial to my company. (We have in the meantime developed a unique process stream from a suite of other software, some open-source, others fairly priced, which definitely has proved beneficial).


                      Maybe Adobe want to appear aloof and inaccessible from outside of the US, but I feel they are missing out on a much larger market footprint by so blatantly offering a middle-finger salute to a lot of potential non-US purchasers.

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                        Mylenium Legend

                        Without getting philosophical and into the finer points of a globalized economy: You are labouring under the (wrong) notion that there is a "real" price for anything. Even for a car you do not pay just transportation, material, storage and otehr cost. You pay what the manufacturer/ vendor thinks is an achievable price in a given regional/ local market. And that's what Adobe does, to. Value doesn't exist, value is created. if there was no demand for adobe products, they would have no value. but then again they probably wouldn't exist in teh first place. Anyway, this only can end in endless dancing around. This is simply not the place for such complex discussions...



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                          OrcusDei22 Newcomer

                          Adobes pricing doesnt make sense for years. They charge in foreign countries more money for original US english versions than for localizated, they charge less for boxes with delivery than for downloaded versions. You speak about "taxes, import fees, fixed exchange rates, distribution and reseller profit margins." but if so, why there is possibility for downloading exactly the same software from the same server but for the absolutly different price (even the base price, not VAT included, nor the exchange rates). Adobe behaves long years as monopoly company and everybody knows that, so please, stop with that hypocrisy about "complex >>market and economy basics<< discussions ;-) By the way, in the first post, you speak about all fees that they have to pay, then you tell us that they make the price as they want, based on nothing, just because they can. Please...


                          OrcusDei - bussiness and economy professor

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                            The original question is about the download version from the US and Ireland Adobe sites. Distribution / import fees / reseller (?)  and the rest is irrelevant here.


                            If that really is the issue, let me buy direct from the US site and my credit card can handle the exchange rate, and I'll pay any relevent taxes at this end.


                            Adobe charge this because they can. There is nothing to explain. We have the choice to pay it and it has been the same for years.


                            I am still on CS4 Design Premium. I would have liked CS5 but not enough to justify the UK price premium.


                            I'm going to try CS6 and will no doubt will love some new features - but just like the previous versions, when I think of that UK price premium, the red mist decends!

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                              BobLevine Legend

                              It will be a whole lot cheaper to buy CS5.5 now. You'll get CS6 for free.


                              Click the special offers link in the upper right corner of the page.



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                                Spamhunter Newcomer

                                Really, Bob? CS5.5 is still € 3301.65 in Ireland. Now. It's not "cheaper".

                                Besides the rather supercilious "it's complicated" (to paraphrase) excuse, I still don't get why so much price difference. (And don't forget to factor in Ireland's tiny Corporate Tax rate.)


                                I know that if it wasn't for that I would have given Adobe my cash a long time ago. It just sticks in the graw when the guy next to you got it at a "privileged" rate because he's a different nationality. If I ever do purchase it it will be at that privileged rate or not at all. I can get by without it.


                                (Btw, I clicked "Special offers" then "Buy commercial" & it took me back to the 1st page!)

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                                  migzzz Newcomer

                                  I appreciate that link Bob, the link for the US upgrade is a very reasonable $649 US dollars.


                                  If I choose the UK store it is £634, a very unreasonable $1029 US dollars. That's where my issue is.


                                  I would buy from the US site in an instant if allowed. And I would have with CS5 too.


                                  I don't know where you are in the world Bob, or even if you pay for the software you use, but Adobe's UK pricing is frustrating and insulting. I would rather go without, not that it matters to them what the little fish think, and why should it?

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                                    BobLevine Legend

                                    I can’t argue with you on any of those points.