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    trouble with shared review using sharepoint



      I have Acrobat X, and would like to use the shared review feature with my Sharepoint 2010 server.

      The sharepoint site address is https://sharepoint.xxx.com/sites/reviewsite

      And then I created a document library called 'SpecReview': https://sharepoint.xxx.com/sites/reviewsite/SpecReview


      In Acrobat X, I click 'Send for Shared Review', then 'Collect Comments on My Internal Server', then 'Sharepoint workspace', and enter URL https://sharepoint.xxx.com/sites/reviewsite

      When I click 'Get Workspaces' Acrobat displays a blank dialog box (i.e. the 'Workspaces' and Document Libraries' panes are empty).


      Am I doing something wrong?  Any suggestions how to trouble shoot this?


      I would really like to use this feature, so if anyone has suggestions they will be very much appreciated.


      Thx, Bhaus