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    Flash Player crashes constantly in Firefox, IE and Chrome

    android2112 Level 1

      Flash player has not worked properly in months. It will work intermttently maybe 10% of the time after clicking reload/send crash report a half dozen times. It fails on all websites including



      My system is Dell Precision T3500, Windows 7 x64. 6GB RAM, Intel W3550 @ 3.06GHz


      Firefox 11.0

      Shockwave Flash (updated March 19, 2012)


      I have swapped Asus Xonar DS for CL SB X-Fi Ti with no change

      I have swapped GeForce GTX550Ti for ATI Firepro V5800 with no change


      It fails with graphic acceleration enabled or disabled.


      Browsing to any site with Flash content will usually crash the plug in.


      This is highly frustrating.

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