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    New FMLE Mac Build available !

    namitagrawal Employee Moderator

      Hi All,


      We have uploaded a new Flash Media Live Encoder build to www.adobe.com/go/fmle for Mac 10.7.3

      This build fixes below issues

      • Flash Media Live Encoder crashes on exit on Mac OS X version 10.7.x
      • Video previews are not available on Mac OS X version 10.7.3



      Team FMLE

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          CaptainMainwaring Level 1

          OK, thanks. I've downloaded the new 3.2.1 and will be trying it out tomorrow.

          I'll report back!


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            CaptainMainwaring Level 1

            Works great on Lion 10.7.3. Just installed and everything is just as it should be!

            Thanks a bunch!!

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              TMRO Level 1

              Awesome! Works great on my systems as well.


              I do have a long standing feature request. Not sure this forum is the best place for it, but if there is a better place please let me know.


              One issue with FMLE is that your frame rate is always locked to your source. So if I have a 720p/60 input image with my Blackmagic SDI card, then I must broadcast at 60fps even though that doesn't make a lot of sense. Ideally I would be able to not only scale down the image size, but the frame rate as well. 60fps as an input is required as that is what the studio will output, and I don't have a lot of control over that. But by being able to stream at 720p/30 or 540p/30 or 360po/30 I take the CPU load of not only the encoder but also the decoder down as well. This allows me to send out a high quality stream that does not demand as many resources on the player side, so the experience is better for everyone.


              Most other encoders have this feature. I'm hard pressed to think of one other than FMLE that doesn't, actually. Would love to see this added in!





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                teachcoach12 Level 1

                TEAM FMLE:


                I tried to download the new build for our school broadcasting club (through highschoolcube.com), but I think the link is broken.


                Please advise.




                Phil Radke

                Director of Activities & Athletics

                Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men - Englewood Campus

                Chicago, IL



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                  hockeyman135656 Level 1

                  I downloaded the new FLME on my 15 inc macbook pro and everytime i open the app it crashes right away. i have no idea why. help pleassseeee!

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                    namitagrawal Employee Moderator

                    What OS version is this Macbook?

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                      piltnik Level 1

                      I installed FLME on self build machine. Core i7 3770K, 16GB RAM, Vertex4 SSD 256GB, GigabyteZ77X UP5 TH MB, Blackmagic Intensity Pro.

                      With Windows 7 it works fine, 3 streams:


                      format: h264 (baseline 3.0 !!!!)

                      framerate:  25 fps

                      input size 1920x1080

                      Bit Rate:

                      1. 2500 kbps   1280x720

                      2. 850   kbps   852x480

                      3. 350   kbps   480x270

                      Processor load 60-70%


                      On the same computer with Mac OS X 10.8.2 I can stream only 1 video output, processor load 90% and lot of droped frames. The same happens on MacBook Pro (Early 2011).


                      Looks like FLME is not to optimized to work with OS X.

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                        davidlgood Level 1

                        Any plans to update this for 10.8.x?  At some point in my OS X upgrades I lost the ability to view the In and Out preview windows.  FMLE still worked -- the stream was still issued to the streaming server, I just had no way to monitor the stream.  I can see the video when I click on the wrench icon next to the video source, and I can also see the compressed view in that window as well, so I know FMLE can "see" the video -- it's just refusing to show anything on the main screen... nothing in the In or Out sides at all.


                        Also -- any plans to offer hardware-encoding "passthrough"?  So, if I have a hardware encoder that does really nice H.264 encoding, can FMLE simply "pass" that along to the streaming server, rather than trying to re-encode the file?  Because, while FMLE does a nice job at encoding, it can't touch the beauty (and low bit rate requirements) of hardware encoding.

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                          MarcSaphiron Level 1

                          But I have latest OS X and FMLE and I do not have this issue. But I have many other

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                            davidlgood Level 1

                            Update - It appears that I was simply not paying attention to the install location, and was actually getting all bent out of shape over an old version of FMLE.  With the 3.2.1 update I can now see my preview videos just fine.


                            Sorry about the confusion on that.  I guess that is what happens when you rush into things without paying close attention.