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    How to Save Fonts?


      I bought a new computer and I am ready to deactivate Illustrator on my old computer so I can license my new one. I have installed many fonts and I don't want to loose them. Is there a way I can save all of the fonts I have added and load them into the Illustrator that will be on my new computer?

      I spoke with Adobe Help today and they said that they could not tell me how to do this because my fonts were from other sources than Adobe.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated!  

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You should be able to simply copy the fonts from your old computer fonts folders to those of the new one. Which and where depend on your OS.


          For each old computer font folder, you may select and copy everything, then paste into the corresponding new computer font folder; you may choose to replace no duplicates, some, or all. The last is fastest, but there may be newer versions on the new one so the first may be best, only transferring those you would otherwise miss.

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