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    Why won't the Flash Player Update work?????


      I have IE 9, Windows 7 (Vista) 32-bit.  I installed the updated version of Flash Player and now videos won't play on ANY website.  I have read just about every discussion relating to my problem and have tried everything, including checking to make sure Active X Filtering is not checked, making sure Flash Player is enabled in Manage add-ons, uninstalling and installing Flash Player numerous times even disabling my Firewalls (Windows Firewall & CA Security for Roadrunner), also clicked on internet options to check the security levels to make sure they were set on Medium and checking to make sure active scripting was enabled under Security for Internet and Trusted Sites.  I went to the about adobe page to see if Flash Player was running and if so, what version.  There was nothing showing, not even an error message.  I also noticed a few times people mentioned a spinning "F", but I never saw a spinning "F".  I have spent so much time trying to figure this out to no avail.  What am I missing?