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    CS6 Beta Modifies CS4 & CS5 Bridge File Associations (W7 Pro 64Bit SP1)



      After installing CS6 including bridge CS6 onto a W7 pro 64Bit Machine with SP1.

      The File associations in the existing copies of CS4 and CS5 bridge are updated to make the CS6 Beta the default programme for opening the majority of file types from either CS4 or CS5 bridge.

      When right clicking ona file from CS4/5 bridge only the option of opening in CS6 is presented


      Expected Bahaviour:

      I expected that CS6 would be the default programme launched from CS6 bridge but that CS4/CS5 would remain the default programmes launched from their own versions of bridge.

      Setting CS6 as the default file association in previous versions of bridge makes no sense at the Beta stage, as it interupts a clean migration back to existing workflow.

      I would also question the value in not preserving the existing file associations in prior versions of bridge in the final CS6 release, as there are cases when it might be desirable to go back to a previous version of CS, in which case opening that version of bridge and launching directly into the prior versions of CS is very desirable.


      Is there anyway to quickly restore the previous associations in CS4/CS5 bridge and be sure that they are exactly the same as prior to the CS6 beta install ?