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    Rename the CC button

    fremo101 Level 1

      Is there some way to rename the CC button in a Skin?


      Also how do I add an Advanced Action to have the Closed Caption open throughout the project?



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          For your second question: you can use the system variable cpCmndCC and set its value to 1 on entering the first slide. An advanced action is not necessary, since this system variable is available as simple action in the On Enter dropdown list, Action accordion.


          If it seems not to be functional, insert a short first blank slide (0,1sec) that will be invisible to the user, but so CP will have the time to react.


          To change the skin, you'll have to plunge into Flash. Or you can delete the CC button on the skin, add a custom button for CC that triggers this action:

             Expression cpCmndCC = 1 - cpCmndCC


          This will be a toggle button, as I explained in this blog post:

          Toggle button