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    Add logic to delete the record

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/dreamweaver/cs/using/WScbb6b82af5544594822510a94ae8d65-788da.h tml

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          whatalotofrubbish Level 1

          So I have a php delete page displaying the correct record and the boxes are all filled in as above.

          The correct record number is passed to the delete record server behaviour and the correct data connection is used.

          It redirects to the successful deletion page when completed, but does not bother to delete the record on the way.

          How do I get it to re-direct to the "unable to delete record" page when it is unable to delete the record, and, more to the point, what could be causing this problem?

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            bregent Most Valuable Participant

            Start by removing the code that redirects so you can see if any errors are reported. Then add echo statements around the DELETE statement so you can view the actual return values. Of couse, it would be helpful to see the code of both pages.

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              whatalotofrubbish Level 1

              Thanks for that info which was useful. I would have replied in the forum rather than on the help page discussion and published the code, but the Adobe Forums are often not available in my area, and this was the case at the time.


              The real problem was in the poor explanation given in the article.

              When creating a delete record system, you need to find the record to delete (which I did using a simple dynamically populated drop down list). I then passed the recordID to another page that displayed the record and asked for confirmation of the delete.

              The instructions in the article then indicated as I read them, that I should apply the delete record behaviour to that results page, and on successful completion, divert to another page that would indicate the success of the delete. However, that would not work at all.


              After some later additional research, I found a tutorial by David Powers, which explains the method correctly, or at least in a less woolly and totally more logical way than the Adobe Help system does.

              After passing the record ID to the display page, if the delete is confirmed, pass the recordID to another page that has no live content on it. This page pulls out the record and the delete record server behaviour is applied. The page does not display and the record is deleted, with the user then being sent to a "record deleted success" page. This worked correctly after 5 minutes typing.


              Its about 6 years since I have had to generate pages like this, and my memory is not as good as it was. I should have just been able to have a quick look at the help pages to refresh it.

              I feel that the help system has not been looked at with a view to making things plain, simple and logical or even up to date.

              Links that take one round and round and off topic and are almost inpossible to navigate are the main bug. Screen prints that do not look like the one on my screen are another pain.

              If you need to find out about the latest techniques its all there, but the basic stuff just languishes in the cellar gathering dust. It needs to be brought out, brushed off and given a fresh coat of paint!

              But perhaps Adobe are placing their bets on Muse and will drop Dreamweaver shortly?