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    Fonts load and unload

    Thiago Barbosa Lima

      Hi all,


      I working a project that we receive artwork(idml file + fonts) and we have to generate pdf files.


      I need to "load" and "unload" fonts from indesign context. Right now I´m copying them (to indesign´s font´s folder) before  pdfs´ generation, but when i need to remove it, I can´t.. Indesign locked it.


      It´s there anyway to release this fonts?  Is It possible to load it from another folder besides "indesign fonts´folder"



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          Harbs. Level 6

          Short answer:


          You can cause ID to load fonts from the default folder locations, but you can't unload fonts without restarting InDesign.


          Long answer:


          You can probably use Document fonts to accomplish what you want, but it's kind of complicated. I can help you on a consulting basis if you are interested.