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    Plugins and Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 beta


      Yesterday I downloaded the CS6 beta of Photoshop. I then quickly uninstalled it because:


      None of my plugins showed up in CS6

      Lightroom 4 would only permit editing in CS6, nor CS5.


      In other words, CS6 stalled my normal workflow and I couldn't see a way to fix it. So I didn't get any time to play with the beta. Is this what I should have expected with the beta? Or can I re-install and change some settings to permit Lightroom to use both or either CS5 and CS6 as external editors and to access my plugins from CS6? If that's possible, how do I do it? The new Photoshop has features I want to use but I need my plugins and Lightroom external editing connection to keep working.


      Thanks, Don