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    "Quote" handling for IE10 getting irritating!

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      Hi guys,


      This week I'm immersing myself in a Windows 8 Consumer Preview, IE10 equipped virtual machine, and trying to use everything there without using my host Windows 7 system at all.  I'm evaluating Photoshop CS6 as well in that system, and so far everything is going very well.  I'm actually able to use Windows 8, with a bunch of tweaks to make it into a serious OS.


      But one niggling little irritation remains, and I know of no workaround: 


      Using this forum with Internet Explorer 10 and trying to put quotes around things results in this:




      When I type the text XXXXXX above, I simply typed double quote characters in front and back.  This is what it looked like in the editor:




      Please ask the Jive developers to fix this. 


      Virtually all other sites handle double quotes properly with IE10, and as you can see even this Jive software gets it right in the thread subject.





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