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    Shared folios updates, notification ?

    Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      Since DPS allows to create folios including content from other user's folios, i found this to be a great opportunity to make collaborative work.

      Imagine Designer1 doing 4 stacks of the magazine, designer2 doing other stacks and designer3 does the rest.


      Everybody can add content to the other's stacks.


      But one could also build it's folio from scratch and import D1, D2 and D3's content.


      Except it's not really practical : I have to do this in the web folio producer, select each folio, one by one.


      And worse, if D1 updates it's folio, what i imported doesn't update, since it's not a link, rather a static copy.


      And to "update" that part, i have to add it again, and remove the former version (since i can't have 2 folios named the same way)


      Would there be a way that i can import and keep up to date imported folios from others ?


      Did i miss something there ?