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    How to skrink and line up login email/password form


      Here is my code. I am trying to get the login form below to fit within my 82 px tall header and have people login on the header. If you could help me format the php i would really appreciate it. I am not very god with css yet, thanks so much


      <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

      <style type="text/css">

      .text {











      <div class="menuLoginWrap">


                                <li><p class="text">Please Enter Your Username and Password:</p></li>


                                <li><font color="#FF0000"><?php print "$errorMsg"; ?></font></li>


                            <form action="login.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="signinform" id="signinform">


                                    <li><p class="text">Email: </p><input name="email" type="text" id="email" style="width:200px;" value="" /></li>


                              <li><p class="text">Password:</p><input name="pass" type="password" id="pass" style="width:200px;" maxlength="24"/></li>


                                    <li><input name="remember" type="checkbox" id="remember" value="yes" checked="checked" /></li>


                        <li><p class="text">Remember Me</p></li>


                              <li><input name="myButton" type="submit" id="myButton" value="Sign In" /></li>


                                <li><p class="text">Forgot your password? <a href="#">Click Here</a></p></li>


                                    <li><p class="text"><a href="signInPage.php">Sign Up</a></p></li>



      </div> <!-- END menuLoginWrap -->