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    Did you get error 1067 when updating Reader?

    Priscilla Walker Helper

      If you got update error 1067 when updating Reader, I'd like to hear more so we can find a solution.

      • What OS are you using and what version (such as Window XP SP2)?
      • What version of Reader do you have?
      • What was the error message you got?
      • How much disk space do you have available?
      • How much memory (RAM) is on your system?


      I recommend you try installing again using the direct download link noted in this document under "Try a different download link":



      Please let me know if this helps. We haven't been able to reproduce this error.

      Thanks so much!

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          I got the error when applying the update the reader was asking for.

          • I am using Windows XP SP2
          • I have Adobe Reader version 9.4.7
          • The error message was just the number (1067) with a link to your explanation page.
          • I have 26 GB free space on C:
          • I have 4 gb RAM but XP only recognizes 3.25GB

          The explanation page told me to download a new exe and install and post to this thread if it worked, which it did. I chose the english version of 10.1.2.

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            Priscilla Walker Helper

            I'm so glad the direct download link worked! The engineer would like to see the installation log files if possible. I will send you a private email with this request.

            Thanks so much for all the details!

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              I just worked through this error on my Dad's computer.  He has XP Home SP 3, Adobe Acrobat 4 and Reader 9.4.7 were already installed. He has been getting to 1067 error for some time and just clicking through it.  I manually un-installed Acrobat 4,  but left the shared files in web/common alone.  I did not touch Reader 9.4.7. I downloaded the alternate installer for Adobe 10.1.2 for English and ran it.  It did complain, eventually, about 9.4.7 still having a file in use, but I'd left the previous dialog from the 9.4.7 updater failure open.  I closed that 9.4.7 failure dialog and hit 'retry', and the installer proceeded onward and seems to have completed successfully.


              This machine has 1 gig of RAM and approx 4G of free disk space on C:. 

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                I've been getting this error for a while at every startup/restart and didn't bother to try the direct download, which did work, I manually downloaded 10.1.2, so probably won't have the error again until you update it again after I run the new install.


                OS: Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP3


                Reader version: 9.4.7


                Pop-up box:

                     [logo]   Update failed

                     The process terminated unexpectedly.

                     Error: 1067


                Available disk space: 81.9 GB

                memory: 3 GB

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                  Hi,  I was getting the 1067 Error, after Adobe told me it wanted to install the newer software. That happened about 3 times before I noticed the 'find out more info' link, that brought me here. I downloaded the newer install file, and it installed fine.  I'm (still) running Windows 2000 SP4. I had received the 1067 Error, and something like "unexpected failure" to install message, previously.  I have 7.20 GB of space available on C:, after installing the newer V9.5.0 s/w. My laptop has 523,248 KB of RAM, according to System Properties.  I'm not sure what version of Reader I had before the install of V9.5.0, I think it might have been 9.4.7, but not sure.

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                    Priscilla Walker Helper

                    Thank you all for your answers. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to report back your experience.