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    Lightroom 3.6 crashes when using Wacom Intuos 4


      Lightroom 3.6 has been working for me.  Last week, I decided to install a Wacom Intuos 4 with the latest driver from the Wacom site.  Unfortunately, Lightroom started freezing and crashing, especially when going to develop mode.  I am running Windows 7.  Uninstalling the Wacom driver solves the problem.  Tried reinstalling the Wacom driver -- Lightroom crashes again.


      I searched the forums and it seems other people got around this problem, but the actual solution is not clear.  If this is a known bug that cannot be fixed, is there an alternative tablet that I can use?  I prefer using the Wacom as I have the same one at work that I use for Visio -- no problem for years.


      Thanks in advance for any information.

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          PATBPHOTO Level 1



          I guess this doesn't bode well for the Wacom 4/Lightroom 3.6 combo.

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            johnhawk666 Level 3

            The standard answer to this problem, in past instances,  is that the Intuos's driver is incompatible with some versions or updates of Lr, and the usual work around is to install an older driver for the Intuos - you may have to try several unfortunately. I don't know if Wacom ever updated their drivers in past cases of  this problem- I don't have one of their products.

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              Lou Dina Level 3



              I have been using an Intuous 4 with LR3.6 and PSCS4 for quite awhile without any major issues. LR occasionally freezes up once every blue moon, but not regularly. I'm on a Mac, so I am probably comparing apples vs. oranges. I will say that the mouse with the Intuous does NOT work properly with iTunes (won't drag and drop). From what I have read, it is a problem with iTunes not supporting or recognizing the Intuous. A regular mouse works fine.


              I think the previous post about trying different drivers may make some sense. Not that you want to do this, but just for the heck of it, try using a different mouse and see if that helps.

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                trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I'm running LR 3.6 and PS CS5 on Windows 7 64 bit SP1 with Intuos4 medium USB connected tablet with no problems. I'm using Intuos driver 6.2.0w5, which I believe is the latest. Available here:




                Driver supporting Intuos4 WL, USB versions of all Intuos4 (PTK), Intuos3 (PTZ) and Intuos2 (XD) pen tablets and the Cintiq 24HD, 21UX, 12WX, 20WSX, 18SX, 15X,DTU-2231, DTU-1931 and DTU-1631 pen displays.

                Save the file to your computer and then double-click on it to launch the installer.

                Wacom implemented the following changes and improvements in v.6.2.0w5:

                1. New option to disable the Touch Ring Function Reminder pop-up.
                2. New interactive Pressure Profile dialog box providing detailed tip pressure adjustment options
                3. Updated web plug-ins for all supported browsers.
                4. Some miscellaneous other bug fixes.

                Date: 25 Jan 2012
                Format: Executable
                Type: Driver


                BTW - Also works fine with LR 4 released product.