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    Can't run Photoshop CS5 without deleting preferences file


      Greetings and thanks in advance for any help. I've installed newly purchased Photoshop CS5 on my relatively new (4 months old) Macbook Pro computer. I've uninstalled/reinstalled 3 or 4 times; same results each time. What happens is I can open the program once normally, right after install, and begin to work on a new project. Shortly thereafter it crashes, and from then on I cannot use the software unless I hold down shift-option-cmd to delete the preferences file, every time I open it. If I don't delete the preferences file, the software will open but nothing in it works. Everything is non-responsive or acts weirdly, until I hit certain buttons which just causes it to crash. As long as I've deleted the preferences file when starting it, all is well. If I don't do that, I can't use the software.


      Does anyone know what might be happening or can you suggest a fix? I can provide error logs and such but don't know where any of that is; I'm a new convert to MAC. Thanks again for any help.