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    rtmfp application multicast h264 best results (video quality)

    whwi999 Level 1



      i test differnt settings for a application p2p multicast live stream


      firt i think there a two differnet settings for h264 stream


      1, use variable bitrate

      camera.setQuality(0,70)  0 bandwith so variable bitrate is used only works with rtmfp not with rtmp right ?

      in this mode the quality slider what is the diffenrt when i use 0 or 100 ? same?


      2,fix bitarte

        camera.setQuality(8192,100) set the max bitrate and best quality



      for p2pmulticast ithink mode 1 is the best varibale bitrate right?  the only problem is sometimes on motions the bitrate

      i stoo high so i set both bandwidgh and quality ?



      next i can not see any different if i use h264 profile MAIN or BASELINE or any change of the Profile Level

      is there any limitation on resolution or anything else


      best regards