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    FMLE + blackmagic intensity pro : locally saved f4v files are choppy/jerky




      I'm successfully using the blackmagic intensity pro with FMLE for live streaming.

      Unfortunately, although the streaming is perfect, the local f4v files recorded by FMLE during the streaming are not proper : they appear all jerky or choppy. (they are correctly post-processed by f4vpp)

      From the strange effect on the video, I'd say the problem seems to be a interlace/progressive confusion in FMLE when recording locally, but why is the stream good...?

      I tested both component or composite input of the bmip and it's the same. I've tried all interlacing/progressive settings possible in the BMIP input and on the camera too.

      I precise that the same setup is working very well with DV input from the same camera (the purpose is to change for a non-DV camera with BMIP).


      Is there somebody who faced that and solved it ?