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    Authorization is required for this network service


      I am trying to set up Shared Reviews with Acrobat 9.5 using an internal server running IIS 7.0 and Windows Server 2008 SP1.  I have users that will be accessing the reviews from within our domain and users that will be accessing reviews from other domains.  What is the proper Authentication method to use? What are the proper folder sharing and security setup?



      When initiating a shared review, I can get to the dialog box where I enter email addresses.  After I click Send, I am unable to get passed the Remote Service Authentication dialog. The RSA dialog appears three times. I enter my username and password three times. The last time a dialog appears. Part of the message on it says, "Status:  The shared folder location you provided is not setup correctly to store comments for this shared review. The problem is:  Authorization is required for this network service."