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    Please merge duplicate accounts

    dorin_nicolaescu Level 5

      This guy (all four of them) is one of the most active contributors to the Lightroom forum. For some reason (forum bugs?), his account has been split into 4:


      (in chronological order)




      http://forums.adobe.com/people/Lee%20Jay (current account)


      Is it possible to merge his four accounts, as well as his points and status?

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          I seem to recall that we have been repeatedly told that such merging is not possible. However, administrators can do something to correct the splitting, or at least so I understand.

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            adobe-admin Adobe Employee

            Sorry, there isn't a way to merge accounts yet. The three old accounts "broke" about two years ago. If we were alerted at the time I could have reset them before he posted more messages. He would still have the ghost accounts, but without content. But it is too late now to do that.


            I am going back to Jive, though, to see if they might have come up with a way to merge the accounts. No promises, as I have no idea if they can. But it is something we talked about before the ghost account bug was fixed.