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    Explanation for the catastrophic failure on March 26, 2012?


      Has anyone heard what happened today around 1:15pm EDT when the entire Adobe Connect world crashed? We had about 1000 students online from around the world in day 1 of a 2 day an environmental education event. The cryptic support page showed every major server down while we scrambled to find an alternative solution for our program which included closed captioning, and speakers in Panama, Washington and Phoenix. Using email, twitter and facebook we rallied people into a competitive product but lost 2/3 of our audience. What a disaster....


      As usual, Adobe has yet to explain what happened, or even attempt to assure us that the issue is fixed and that we are safe to try again tomorrow. Does anyone know what happened? Does anyone feel safe enough to trust high-profile international events to these people?


      Your feedback is much appreciated.