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    SerializeJSON putting quotes around numbers - but I have the lastest hotfix


      I'm running CF version 9,0,1,274733, update level: hf901-00003.jar


      I'm pretty sure this is the latest and greatest hot fix, but maybe not. Maybe I did something wrong. According to this page:




      I should be at update level 2, which fixes the JSON bug where numbers have quotes around them. Is it possible that I skipped update 2? How would I find out, and how can I fix this?


      I can definitely confirm that numbers have quotes around them when SerializeJSON is being called.

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, you show having “hf901-00003.jar” in place. That filename (starting with just “hf”) refers to an individual hotfix. But then you point to a link that’s about cumulative hotfix 2. If you had that installed, it would start with “chf”, not “hf”. So we can’t know if you have what’s needed.


          Indeed, are you judging the level at which you’re running by what the CF Admin “system information” page, which shows a string with update level like you show below? If so, while that’s reasonable and logical, don’t be fooled. That sadly IS NOT necessarily your true “current update level”.


          Instead, you need to look in the actual directory where hotfix (and cumulative hotfix) jars live. In a Standard or Enterprise Server deployment, it would be \coldfusion9\lib\updates. In a multiserver deployment, it would be deep in the instance, like \JRun4\servers\[instancename]\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\updates.


          Hope that’s helpful.


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