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    Showing a correct selection for matching quiz questions (Captivate 5)


      Hello all,


      I'm working on set of quizzes for some training modules and I've run across an issue with creating matching questions in Captivate 5. Testing has shown that the matching quiz questions are too difficult without some sort of immediate feedback (ie. Question #1 is matched with answer A, immediate feedback as to whether it is correct or not). I saw that there was a feature avaiable in Captivate version 3 that would allow this, but I can't find it in Captivate 5. Is this feature present in Captivate 5?


      If not, I'd be interested in hearing your feedback on how to make these quiz questions more user friendly. Would it be possible to show which answer selections were correctly chosen without making the quiz-taker redo the entire slide? Is it possible to give immediate feedback when one answer selection is incorrect?


      Thank you for your help