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    How do I fix PDFs not opening when embedded within a PPT?


      I've several PDFs embedded within various Powerpoint PPT files which I simply cannot open - depending upon the laptop I'm using.  When I use by business laptop to open the embedded PDF, I get the message: "The server application, source file, or item can't be found, or returned an unknown error.  You may need to reinstall the server application." On my business laptop I'm running Windows 7, Adobe Reader X, Adobe Acrobat 9, and MS Powerpoint 2007.  When I use my home/personal laptop, the PDF opens up without any errors.  My home laptop runs Window 7, Adobe Reader X, and MS Powerpoint 2007.  It's weird.  I can open embedded MS Excel and MS Word files within the same PPT files on any laptop, but not embedded PDFs.  Any idea what's going on here?

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          Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

          It's possible that this is due to Protected Mode in Reader X -- to check you can temporarily turn off Protected Mode in Reader under Edit > Preferences > General category and uncheck "Enable Protected Mode at startup".

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            Sabian Zildjian Level 4

            Sadly,  I have never had luck with the OLE Embedded Object that you put into Office application documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).  The OLE objects embedded get corrupted and cannot be extracted.  While it's true that there are two other instances where you could get this error:


            1) The OLE server application (Acrobat or Reader in this case) is not properly registered with the system

            2) Possibly Protected Mode/Protected View in Acrobat is blocking the execution of the OLE Server Application


            I wouldn't bet on it.


            In the future you may want to use a PDF Portfolio where you can attach both Office and PDF files within the Portfolio envelope.