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        KKuja Level 1

        Lets hope the proper LR4.0 comes out soon, not the unofficial beta 2 that most people have paid for.


        I'm a little bit frightened because if I recall correctly these were almost the same words that someone said about Lr3 (and even Lr2).


        I'm sorry I don't have anything ontopic to say. I have to confess I haven't yet even tested Lr4, because long ago I made a decision I wait for at least .1 or .2 update before testing.

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          Lee Jay Level 4

          hamish niven wrote:


          Thanks Tony


          so it went to the right place, to where bugs were posted and not to the user to user forums, where people were talking about it, where people where asking about it and where the Adobe feedback would have been really appreciated.



          Oh well.


          shame that it was not shared here.


          You're welcome.

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            hamish niven Level 2

            Thanks Lee Jay


            appreciate you passing it on for everyone.



            Good job done for all





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              hamish niven Level 2

              KKuja, you are pretty right to be concerned.


              I'd consider downloading the LR4 on the 30 day and making a catalog with a new set of images. Its got superb processing.


              A LARGE issue is that +50 on exposure -25 highlight and +12 shadow is not the same for 2 photos, - kinda irritating as its very hard to set limits on where you would or would not place sliders.


              With LR3.x, I'd never go above

              • exposure +1
              • fill +25
              • black +20


              but with  LR4, its semi sort of relative, ie zoom to 100% to check.


              However, pushing the shadows - sorta little like fill to 50 adds so little noise.... amazing


              You may be lucky with your computer set up and have few issues like I also have.

              Import all your new images as DNG, and have an import preset that

              • sets the lens profile
              • sets any vignetting you want on the lens
              • sets the CA - Chromatic Aberration
              • sets the noise & pre sharpening
              • sets the tone curve (even if default NOW linear)
              • generates 100% previews


              This will help with the speed, even if importing a 16 Gb chip takes as long as boiling a kettle having laid the fire, started it, filled a 4 gallon kettle and waited for it to heat.



              Give it a go, the trial is only ±1Gb for PC / mac and even if you dont like it , you'd have the images in the LR4 catalog for when  ( I hope not if) Adobe get LR4.2 working nicely.




              I hear your reticence and sensible model to avoid X.0 and X.1 releases, will you upgrade straight to Photoshop CS6 though?



              Good luck, but do give it a try and I hope you are one of the lucky ones.



              hamish NIVEN Photography


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                gadgetgeek Level 1

                I'm replying to say that I'm experiencing much of the same slowdown that everyone else is experiencing. I've noticed a few things:


                1. If I pull up the Windows task manager to see my CPU usage, I can see that just moving the mouse over Lightroom causes my CPU to spike between 50% and 80%.  This could be causing a lot of the problems with the sliders, since I'm trying to use the mouse to adjust the sliders at the same time that Lightroom is trying to calculate the changes.

                lightroom high CPU just moving mouse..PNG

                2. I use a mouse/keyboard sharing program called "Mouse Without Borders" from Microsoft labs. It lets me use a single keyboard/mouse for two computers. With this program running my CPU spike is higher than without it running.


                3. Deleting my preferences file helped bring down the maximum CPU usage a bit.


                4. Opening a new catalog rather than my converted Lightroom 1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 4 catalog helped bring down the maximum CPU usage a bit. I am still hoping to be able to use my existing Lightroom catalog.


                5. I have an NVidia graphic card. I used the following NVidia control panel 3D settings, which helped bring down the maximum CPU usage a bit. These same settings made Lightroom 3 brushes work. Without these settings I could barely brush on any effect:

                     Anisotropic filtering: OFF

                     Antialiasing - Gamma correction: OFF

                     Antialiasing - Mode: Override any application setting

                     Antialiasing - Setting:  2x (2xMS)

                     Antialiasing - Transparency: Off

                     Buffer-flipping mode:     Use block transfer

                     CUDA - GPUs: All

                     Enable overlay: Off

                     Exported pixel types: Color indexed overlays

                     Maximum pre-rendered frames:  3

                     Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: Compatibility performance mode

                     OpenGL Rendering GPU: Quadro FX 2700M

                     Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance

                     Threaded optimization: Auto

                     Triple buffering: Off

                     Texture filtering - Anisotropic filter optimize: Off

                     Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample op: Off

                     Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Allow

                     Vertical sync: Force on


                That said, I have returned some performance to my machine, but Lightroom is still highly unusable. Where I used to be able to process a few hundred photos in an hour, it now takes hours to process 30 or 40, just because the response in the program is so unbearably slow.


                My machine

                Lenovo W700DS, with the second laptop screen turned off.

                6GB RAM

                512GB SSD primary disk, Lightroom catalog, previews, and imported images on this disk.

                1TB secondary disk, unused by Lightroom.

                Intel Core2 Extreme processor (processor is a bit slower, which does affect my import/export times, but I render 1:1 previews on import and wait for the CPU to settle down before attempting to work)

                1920x1080 primary display

                Standard previews set to 2048.

                Windows 7 64-bit Professional edition


                I routinely work with full-resolution RAW images from my Canon 5D Mark II (very large).


                I hope this information helps shed some light on the problems. Can anyone else confirm that their CPU spikes just moving the mouse across the application? Not even pressing buttons or trying to do anything. Just move.




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                  kwdaves Level 2

                  For those with slider problems, widening the right panel by clicking on its left edge and dragging it to the left may help a bit by lengthening the slider lines (whatever their proper names are).


                  For those who have sluggish behavior overall, for example taking 10+ secs to generate a preview in the Library module, deleting and then regenerating your standard previews may work wonders. Please, please. Someone be the guinea pig and try it.

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                    gadgetgeek Level 1

                    I deleted all my previews. It didn't make a difference for me. I still have

                    problems with CPU when moving the sliders and moving my mouse.


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                      Boggy4062 Level 1

                      There is no doubt - Lightroom 4 IS slow on any hardware configuration, much slower when comparing to Lightroom 3.x.  I doesn't matter how beefy the machine is (my is i7 with 8 CPUs and 16GB of RAM) which made the previous version fligh.  I descovered another bug: syncing of keywords does NOT work.  (and I did not test the rest of the fields). I believe that the product was rush to the market, and was not tested sufficiently. Not impressed with Adobe on this

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                        tfitz100 Level 1

                        While I haven't been *as* troubled by the slowness issues reported, I did see them a lot in the beta where the system would just slow down to a crawl when trying to make simple Develop Module adjustments.


                        That being said, I DO notice a delay when making some changes with some adjustment brushes. Up to a second or more sometimes. When I use the Tint brush and change the Tint on the slider, I have to wait about a second for the changes to propogate up into the image. This is not tolerable.


                        I currently have an i7-2600K with 8GB of memory, a SSD drive for the LR4 cache and a seperate drive for the actual catalog and RAW files being used, so it's certainly NOT a harware issue as so many have pointed out.


                        Adobe needs to investigate this problem now. This should be the TOP priority for the development team, nothing else. I've seen the list of issues they have on their developers forum and they are all issues that need to be solved, but not nearly as serious as this one. Adobe engineers should be working AROUND the CLOCK on this one, period. Everything else should be on the backburner until then.


                        Another issue is that Adobe has NOT SAID ANYTHING about this problem to this community. That, in and of itself, is a problem--almost worse than the actual problem. A simple report of their progress thus far would suffice. I'm a senior software engineer, and if my team let a problem like this go for so long without any acknowledgement whatsoever, our heads would be on a platter with our company.

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                          Blind Monk Level 1

                          I was successful importing keywords in a Text file -tab separated values (TSV) format -into LR4. No problems using a TSV file at all.


                          A decent explanation of how this type of file should look can be found below (just forget that they use MS Excel as the example software):



                          Export lightroom 3 keywords into Save the resulting file as a .txt file, and import.

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                            unique_jb Level 1

                            I think this is a general proble with adobe. Each new version is much slower than before. LR3 is much slower than LR2. Sounds like LR4 is going to be slower than LR3. Each new version of acrobat is much slower than the previous one. The same seems to be true for illustrator and photoshop. It seems that adobe for some reason is unable to make new versions of their software as fast (or ideally faster) than the previous one. This practice was acceptable in the 1990s (when single threaded performance was increasing exponentially) but since around 2003 this has no longer been the case, and it is critical to optimize single threaded performance and user interface latencies. Adobe for some reason doesn't consider this a priority I think.

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                              gadgetgeek Level 1

                              I posted a video on Youtube demonstrating the problem with CPU usage with Lightroom. Almost 100% CPU utilization on a dual-core processor when moving the Temp slider.




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                                Scooby007 Level 3

                                I get between 15% and 30% (i7 3.4)

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                                  Lee Jay Level 4

                                  B r e t t wrote:


                                  I get between 15% and 30% (i7 3.4)

                                  So do I, but don't you want it to use 100%?  That's how it's going to be the fastest.  If there's a bug or limitation, it's that it's NOT using all the available processor power.

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                                    joema3 Level 1

                                    I just installed LR4 and am appalled at how slow the Library module is when sequentially stepping through photos. At 1:2 zoom, it takes 3.3 seconds to change and render the next photo. This is on a overclocked quad-proc, hyperthreaded i7-860 @ 3.8 Ghz with 8GB RAM, catalog on a 10k rpm SATA drive and photos on a RAID 0 array. 64-bit Windows 7. GPU = nVidia GeForce GTX-275, 896MB, driver = (290.53).


                                    This is not a fringe, esoteric operation. You click once to magnify, then hit the right arrow key for next. In UI parlance it is a "common user path". How could Lightroom testers or program managers sign off on something like