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    Any1 know how to insert txt boxes sent to an Abode Reader program without buying Abode Acrobat?


      My Situation: I have a laptop that only has Abode Reader 9 and didn't come with Abode Acrobat.


      I'm a college student who just got a job offer in the field I want to work in.


      I recently was emailed a form to fill out for my new job and Abode Reader 9 doesn't let me type in the fields needed to complete the form.


      My hand-writing isn't the best to fill out the form. I have a disability that causes my hand-writing to be better written large than to fill in a form in a tight-knit space.


      I don't have the extra cash at-hand for a new Abode Acrobat program. So, buying an Acrobat Program isn't an option at the moment.


      My Question:


      How can I type in the needed fields on the form that are needed for my employment?


      Is there a way to send the file (it's a .pdf file) to another program on my laptop so I can type in the needed fields to send back to my employer? (list of programs my laptop has listed at bottom of this post)


      2nd Question That Would Aid in My Predicament:


      Also, if I have another program that would work, how do I send the document to that other program?


      3rd/Final Question:


      Should I save the file in a different format before sending my document to the other program?



      Thanks to anyone who can provide information to help me out:)


      My laptop has the following other programs that may help you to tell me which program would help me with my issue:


      Microsoft Office Word 2007 Open Office and Microsoft Office OneNote 2007