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    Worst Beta experience ever (splash screen) and magic mouse scrolling issue


      Adobe App Manager pops up all the time

      The weird cat on the splash screen -

      OK. We get it It's beta


      How long the beta will be active

      No one knows


      Even Microsoft does betas better than you

      They don't rub it in your nose that you are using free software

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          -Agfaclack- Community Member

          How long the beta will be active

          No one knows


          you have 60 days.... that´s for sure.

          you see it when you start PS....


          The weird cat on the splash screen -



          yeah thats awfull.. i like to complain too.... but not about such petty things. 

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            paul campagna Community Member

            The settings gettitng set to default, everytime it starts, is a pain in the #@$


            Couldn't that have been part of the beta version? I mean come on!


            I like what i'm seeing so far, but there are still issues.

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              iRuss Community Member

              It should of asked you if you wanted to use your settings (Prefs) from an earlier version of PS. The settings keep for me every time I boot CS6.


              Side Note: I can't beleive someone is complaining about the cat splash screen. CS6 boots so fast that it's not up there very long. It's the fastest PS yet, and I started on version 2.5 before there were layers.

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                acresofgreen Community Member

                I like the cat!!

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                  eclic Community Member

                  these forums are so useless sometimes - i can see why people with real feedback might not want to bother.

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                    paul campagna Community Member

                    I was swrong about the preferences. Those are staying, but the panel locations are resetting.  I have to select the "auto select layer" everytime it starts and then arrange my panels. (as they go to a default thing). I see my old preferences are there, they are just not active when it starts up. ? I'm sure this will change in the final version (hopefully)


                    I'm still having a LOT of trouble with the stupid zooming. Why it just cannot work like it did in CS4, i have no idea. When i touch the mouse it is jumping in too large of increments. I cannot work efficiently if I constantly see the image jumping all over the place when I try to zoom. I need to go close, but it zooms to far in. When I try and zoom out a little, it zooms out way to fast and in large increments. Like going from 10% to 300% in one flick. I must zoom more than the average user, but I work a certain way and when things like this change for the worse, it causes me great stress because it disrupts my work flow. I do not see anyone else really complaining about this, so it might be something nobody cares about, but it is horrible when it changed from CS4.

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                      PixbyTed Community Member

                      I'm certainly not seeing the zoom problem you describe in Photoshop. I'm finding it is smooth and quick. Zooming in ACR is still a problem, but it was in CS5 too.

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                        Pattie F Adobe Employee

                        Sorry you are having a bad experience.  What kind of issues are you having that are stopping you from using the beta software and enjoying and early and free preview of the new features? The cat and the beta logo are there so that you know this is beta software and will change for the purchased version. Many users are having a good experience with this software and are excited about the new features. We would like you to have a good experience as well. If you are experiencing bugs, please let us know. If you have constructive feedback and suggestions for a future version, let us know.


                        FAQ: I found a bug. How do I write a useful bug report?



                        The beta will be usable until later in the spring when the final version ships.

                        FAQ: When will the Photoshop CS6 Beta expire?



                        Regarding: I have to select the "auto select layer" everytime it starts and then arrange my panels.   When I have the autoselect button checked, it stays checked when I close and reopen the application. My panels all stay the way I leave them when I close the app. You can create a custom workspace if you like your setup better than any of ours and you wish to save it.


                        We hope you will browse the new version with an open mind and try all of the new features. I understand that sometimes it takes a while to get used to new versions and where some things get "moved" to or how they change. Any changes were done for a reason, generally to place or group items in a more logical manner.



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                          paul campagna Community Member

                          My issue is with the zooming and magic mouse on a macbook pro, running version 10.6.8 and it being very eratic when you try to zoom. It is "clunky" and what i mean is it jumps in increments that are too large. 10%-25%- 150% etc.


                          If I use the command plus and minus, I see that those are a lot smoother than they were in  cs5.5.


                          CS4 is very, very smooth when i zoom with the scroll wheel. I love it! When cs5.5 came out it was completely detroyed and unusable.


                          I tried to contact Adobe and I wrote about my experience in several thread, which ultimetely led me dispise Adobe's customer service. (India is not a good place to source out customer service)


                          I have noticed that I can use the marquee tool and still be abe to zoom in and out in CS6, like i could in cs4, (not in cs5.5) so that is wonderful! BUT for whatever reason, the increments using the scroll wheel to zoom are too large. That needs to be addressed.


                          I do like how the zoom is smooth now when you use the shortcut keys. (cmd -/ +) It used to be clunky and go in large increments, but now it sorta floats to the different size. Very nice. I've been working with CS6 all day and it is nice to use in general. I like all the changes I've encounter so far, just have the problem with zooming on the magic mouse scroll wheel.


                          If i save a workspace layout, I can select it after photoshop opens, but it does not open to that automatically like it should. I'm sure that will be addressed in the final version, but the zooming needs to be fixed so it acts like cs4.

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                            Farrellart Community Member

                            @Paul: It may be a mouse driver issue, depending on which mouse you use you can set the increments in the OS control panel [windows, maybe same on a mac]


                            @some of the world


                            I too agree, there's nothing bothering me so far with CS6beta, I'm not going out of my way to look for issues -  the best way to find them is to continue the usual work-flow, if something is wrong, it will become apparent. Nothing so far except slightly laggy new brushes [ to be expected with very high res images ].


                            Having said that, depending on your experience, aptitude, system configuration, there are obviously going to be issues with beta programs, that goes without saying, to add to this there will be a slight learning curve over CS5 and a bigger one over, say, CS2 -  most posts I've seen are down to not knowing how it works, not bugs,....anyway, not really an issue....


                            @OP, CS6beta is NOT a freebie, so don't get pi$$ed if things are not working, this is what the beta phase means. Perhaps a dirty system is a great platform for testing software as this is a 'real world' scenario, however, as a professional artist that uses photoshop for large ( up to 1000cm x 290cm @ 200ppi ) images it is very important to have the cleanest system possible to avoid issues. This may be a luxury, but, I prefer to have a dedicated PS computer without all the rubbish that can accumulate over time through installations of other software. It works very well.


                            Also,  It's a cat splash screen, eerrrr....that will probably change, to distinguish a beta from retail????????! EDIT: Sorry!  PS-Pattie, I skimmed past your post,  I just repeated what you said....apologies.


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                              paul campagna Community Member

                              It works in cs4, but did not work in  cs5.5 or now in cs6.


                              Like i stated in the previous message, some things that didn't work in cs5.5, (that once worked in cs4), now work again in cs6 . So it is not a setting on my machine, it i most definetely a photoshop issue.  It still works fine in CS4 on my machine, so again, not my machine issue, but a photoshop issue. There is no magical setting that will fix it. (i wish there was) but the setting would have to be in photoshop.

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                                Farrellart Community Member

                                OK, sorry, they might have got it wrong with the mac's


                                Zooming is fine on my my x64 win7 system with a mouse scroll, keyboard and Wacom Intous 4 tablet turny thing.


                                Mac driver issue? [bite lip]

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                                  Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                                  What actual zoom stops do you see when you mousewheel down from 100%?


                                  I get:

                                  • 78.4%
                                  • 61.5%
                                  • 37.9%
                                  • 26.1%
                                  • 19.7%
                                  • 14.6%
                                  • 21.2%
                                  • 28%
                                  • 39.3%
                                  • 67.7%
                                  • 85.4%
                                  • 130%

                                  That list is with scrolling down from 100, and then back up. (It's also different every time, based off of the finger movement I made)


                                  I'm thinking what we're seeing here could be the scroll acceleration or momentum with the Magic Mouse perhaps?

                                  Wondering what happens with your mouse if you perform a more gentle gesture for zooming?


                                  I certainly see mine jump if I flick the mouse with momentum.

                                  Cs5.5 is the same for me in that aspect.

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                                    Pattie F Adobe Employee

                                    It seems that the apple's Magic Mouse is just very sensitive. If I use the Magic Mouse or an older mouse with a scroll button on PS6 on my Mac, I can get it to show the very small increments if I move my finger very slowly. If I hook up a standard old logitech mouse that I use on my pc, with left/right click buttons and a mechanical scroll wheel, then the increments are much easier to control due to the "clicks" it makes.


                                    If this is too sensitive for your liking, perhaps you could click on the zoom tool and enable scrubby zoom. Zooming by clicking on the mouse and dragging in and out is a bit less sensitive that way.



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                                      Noel Carboni Community Member

                                      vasil.petreski wrote:
                                      ...pops... ...weird... ...No one knows... ...better than you... ...rub it in your nose...


                                      Seriously?  You're complaining about the splash screen?


                                      Did you actually USE the product?  It's fantastic!


                                      As far as I am concerned this is by far the


                                      Best Beta Experience Ever!


                                      If trying free software that's virtually at release quality bothers you so much, maybe you should try this site:  Click here



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                                        paul campagna Community Member

                                        I'm not sure people are reading everything I write. Please take this part and put it in your brain. IT WORKS FINE IN PS4! So i know it has nothing to do with the mouse, or the machine, etc! CS4 works flawlessly, so wouldn't it make sense that there is something wrong with CS5 and CS6?


                                        It's not the mouse, or any setting associated with it, as I have tried everything including making the mouse scrolling as slow as possible. It still is very rough and jumps around.


                                        AGAIN, it's not the mouse. Please just take that into account. it works in CS4 perfectly. So it has to be photoshop.


                                        I appreciate the responses, but when i repeatetly say it works fine in another version and people seem to just not take that into account, i can get frustrated. I might as well be talking to India's customer service if you guys look past that fact. (at least i'm not on the phone for hours at a time and have to take blood pressure meds afterward.)


                                        PS6 does zoom nicely using shortcuts (CMD-/+) and I actually set up "pinch to zoom" using BTT (better touch tool) so that when i want to zoom in, all i have to do is pinch my fingers in or out. That works in making that action smooth both with zooming in and out, but it is not very intuative. I really jut want the zooming to work like it did in the previous versions.


                                        (BTW sorry about the typos, my spell check isn't working)

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                                          paul campagna Community Member

                                          @pete.green :


                                          Yes that is what mine is doing. Jumping in increments that are too large. In cs4 I could almost get the mouse to go in increments of 1% If I scoll slow, it moves slow, if I scrool fast it goes faster, but not "clunky" like it is now. I could easily flick fast and stop and the zoom would intuatively just zoom in fast and smoth until i stop my finger scrool. It was/is very nice in cs4.


                                          Thanks for the response.

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                                            eclic Community Member



                                            BTW - you have completely hijacked this thread into your own personal rant.

                                            you took over from someone else's rant.


                                            Maybe you have raised a valid issue - I dont know - but no one else will know or find out because you haven't started a topic about it.

                                            Someone else could have the same problem but would never find this topic and then could not contribute to getting a potential fix if there needs to be one.


                                            BTW - i don't know why anyone would ever use a mouse in PS - you should learn the wacom, it is so much better.

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                                              paul campagna Community Member

                                              Sorry for the thread hijack. My bad.


                                              I did start a thread (several), called adobe, talked with tech upport, etc, etc all when this was occuring in cs5.5. That led to LOTS of issues and time wasted and no solution. I'm tired of trying to do things the "right way", only to get noplace and waste my time, so call me a rebel. I've gotten more productive answers in this thread then other ways to complain.


                                              BTW if you search google for my past experience with this, it does come up as number 1with many links and rants , so your "theory" that nobody will find it is wrong.


                                              This thread started as a kinda useless rant about the beta being bad, which is kinda an oxymoron, because "Betas" are never polished or work they way they will in the final version. I think my topic actually helped the thread. (tha't just me though)

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                                                TLL... Community Member

                                                "BTW - i don't know why anyone would ever use a mouse in PS - you should learn the wacom, it is so much better."


                                                This is thoughtful, instructive commentary? more like someone who got a big helping of themself today...

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                                                  eclic Community Member

                                                  well not really - but not as bad as others I've read here.

                                                  alot of noise, mispostings, duplicate topics, etc. its hard to find useful info on this beta forum.

                                                  maybe alot of people are new to PS.


                                                  . . . and the tablet would help with that scroll wheel probelm or keyboard shortcuts like command +/- or command+space - apple's scrollwhels have always had issues.

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                                                    TLL... Community Member

                                                    Oh, don't mind me - I'm having my own 'navigational issues' with CS6 - and my employer for some reason won't buy me a Cintique!

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                                                      eclic Community Member

                                                      yeah those are so expensive. i recently bought a second intuos 3 on ebay - i'm too afraid to jump into learning a new tablet!

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                                                        any scrolling is affected by how far you're zoomed in on the image, the farther you are zoomed in, the more detailed the zoom will be (as low as 1%) the farther out you are zoomed on the image the more dramatic it will "skip" (could go from say 25% to 50% in one "scroll".) 

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                                                          paul campagna Community Member

                                                          In PS4, it actually goes in increments that are below .05 percent on large images and is VERY smooth. (depends on resolution for percentage values)


                                                          In PS6, it doesn't matter what the senario is and is just jerky and horrible when you are trying to zoom in for details with the scroll wheel.


                                                          I've already proven it is not the mouse,(touchpad is same way, usb moue is same way)  not the mac,(loading it on a completely different machine runnin a different operating system)  not settings (adjusted mouse scrolling speed, etc) and is a problem specifically with Photoshop.


                                                          I gave up on cs6 for now because I need to get work done. and CS4 works fine, cs6 doesn't


                                                          I had the same problems (only worse) with cs5.5 and at this point, I could not recomend anything over cs4 to anyone. I really hope someone at adobe is going to fix it. PLEASE!

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                                                            PixbyTed Community Member

                                                            Well I passed when CS4 came along (jumped from 3 to 5) so I can't comment on the difference. But I like the [CNTL+space drag] zoom ability in CS5 and CS6 using either the mouse or Wacom stylus. (Yes I use both, sometimes my hand isn't steady enough to place a brush spot in exactly the right position with the stylus.)



                                                            When using CNTL+space drag I see zoom increments in the hundredths of 1 percent and it is super smooth. With the flick mode enabled it will even smooth scroll without the need to continuously move the stylus. The "auto-scrolling" can be stopped at any time with the touch of the stylus. I have become habituated to this method of zooming and I never use the mouse wheel anymore. I was told by somebody that smooth scrolling was handled the GPU - and that's why zooming in ACR is still wacky (since ACR doesn't take advantage of the GPU).



                                                            Now I just need to get off my keester and program my tablet to avoid the need to use the keyboard at all when zooming..