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    Please help... Cant Record!!


      I recently set up Audition CS with an mbox interface and phantom powered mic. After setting this up, I went to record in a multi-track session. When i first pressed record i got a message saying "sample rates of input/output must match to record audio. So i went and set my windows setting and my mbox settings to the same rate. the next time i went to record, when i pressed the record button i got a red block over the audio track that started at 0 and went to the 10 second mark. It also appeared as if the audio line was stuttering at the 10 second mark. Nothing was being picked up or recorded. Nothing was coming thru when i monitor the imput either. so i went to the hardware settings to make sure everything was working propery, it was. I have my driver set to ASIO and my imput set to my Mbox, as well as the audio being Mono. Still the same result. I set the imput back to the defaut window mic and the sounds waves flowed in time correctly. As soon as i set it back to the mbox the problem returned. I have the device class set to ASIO. Any iput would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks,

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          I'm afraid that you aren't going to like this very much...


          There is a long and dishonourable history surrounding mboxes and their so-called ASIO drivers - they have caused all sorts of problems for a lot of people. Basically, these boxes were intended to work with PT. Under some pressure, they produced a 'generic' ASIO driver for them, but it simply doesn't work properly for a lot of people. You would be much better off with a different product, quite frankly. Almost anything!

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