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        I would like more feature for characters and paragraphs properties, like all caps, title case, small caps, leading.

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          robosnacks Level 1


          This view would put all the frames of your timeline into a bridge style thumbnail view with size slider for quick 'at a glance' viewing of entire chunks of the timeline. Like a Storyboard does. This storyboard would appear based on whatever timeline you were in at the time. Everything from the main timeline, to the timeline of a symbol you're inside of. (Exporting timeline, and going back and forth between Flash and Bridge could work sure, but so could hand-delivering my own mail). The idea would be to make it as immediate, user-friendly, and uninhibiting to creative flow as the rest of Flash has been.

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            McbainGames11 Level 2


            +3D supported built-in

            +more to support iOS like components(navbars, buttons etc.)

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              Support for Strokes and Gradient Fills for textfields and textareas natively, without having to resort to masking or converting text to shapes. Quickly applying gradients and strokes to text already exists in Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. Though I haven't used it, I would presume it's easy to do with Indesign as well. Stands to reason it should be made easy to do in Flash.

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                - Better memory management.

                - x64 version

                - lock panel groups (like the timeline, I’m always moving it out of place by accident)

                - Improve the Shape Tween

                - Improve the 3D controls

                - Better handling of HD projects

                - Auto-save and Auto-recovery working together without those restrictions that disable one of them if the time is lesser.

                - Anti-aliasing on drawn lines

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                  UI enhancements:


                  1. Sound Envelope Window: Putting a resize tab in the corner woud be great. Also, slowing down the scroll speed would be nice. As is, it's a little finicky and very easy to overshoot where you want to be.



                  2. Addressing Keyboard Shortcut file corruption:

                  A custom Keyboard Shortcut file (.mfx, .wfx) has to be locked after being created to prevent Flash form randomly re-assigning  new Keyboard Shortcuts and corrupting the set.

                  Also, Flash always opens with the default Keyboard Shortcut set loaded, even if the menu shows otherwise.

                  Every time I launch Flash, I have to open this menu and hit OK to enable the last-used Keyboard Shortcut set, even though it appears as though it is already in use.


                  3. Address Property Panel layout.

                  It appears this dead space exists so the drop-down menu for the Color Effect Style has room to expand, but the Looping Options drop down doesn't have a similar spacer beneath it. Having that space pushes the Looping Options off screen in many Workspaces including the default state of the Animation Workspace. Removing the empty space would make all the options on that panel visible in a much smaller size.


                  4. Lockable panels: A scrubbable timeline is great, but directly above the timeline is a space almost exactly the same size,  which, if "scrubbed"  by accident, will un-dock the timeline from the workspace and float it overtop the stage.

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                    9re9 Level 1

                    Allow users to gloally set the default looping option of symbols to Loop, Play Once or Single Frame. Currently all symbols default to "Loop" upon creation.

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                      Layer parenting. It's a killer trying to to cutout character animation without this simple feature; makes everything take so much longer. IK is inadequate and unstable. A moving camera would be nice too. At the moment you if you want to pan across a scene you have to put everything into a graphic symbol and move it in front of the camera, a very cumbersome workaround.  And bring back the CS3 motion graph editor.  

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                        Idlemedia Level 1

                        I vote that they make the Flash IDE more flexible when it comes to Adobe AIR. I'd like to see more options IN the IDE, vs having to pop out of the IDE and use command line tools, or doing weird "version overlays" each time a new version of AIR comes out (thus forcing you to use that version and none other)

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                          Mr5strings Level 1

                          Hey I know it's too late but dag nabit...I have to put this out there just in case Adobe makes a patch to do this...but I recently purchased the eLearning Suite...primarily for Captivate...and what do you know, I go to publish a Captivate EXE and I have the option of selecting an icon and giving my EXE a name...I'm surprised Adobe didn't hear me crying 3,000 miles away...


                          So, that's what I'd like to see in Flash...when I publish to EXE, I want to use my icon and give my project a name...for years, I've RESOURCE HACKING and I shouldn't have to for what Captive has proven can be done...

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                            gmarkowski Level 1

                            native jpeg-xr import and export is a must!

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                              Essentials for CS6:


                              1. COMPLETE support for AIR Native Extensions (e.g. ability to compile ANE swc directly into APK from CS6 IDE withouth having to hack a command line solution)


                              2. Ability to set CUSTOM COMPILER OPTIONS in the CS6 IDE  (just like FlashBuilder already has that ability)


                              3. FULL CSS SUPPORT on all UI components (especially TextField and TextArea components)

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                                9re9 Level 1

                                Frame selection in the timeline behaves inconsistently when a duplicate window is open. Selection highlights are lost as soon as the mouse drag is released, or as soon as an action such as insert frame is performed on the highlighted frame selection (see video). This seems like a very specific and nitpicky bug, but it defeates the purpose of a duplicate window option/feature if timeline editing behavior changes depending on how many windows are open.


                                Here's another video demonstrating how layer reordering is disabled when a duplicate window is open.

                                (Please watch with notations ON)

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                                  9re9 Level 1

                                  Hotkeys for cycling brush modes or selecting them directly.


                                  This is very theraputic. Does anyone from Adobe read these?

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                                    boudewijndanser Level 1

                                    9re9 wrote:


                                    This is very theraputic. Does anyone from Adobe read these?



                                    No one knows...

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                                      Void_Func Level 1

                                      Suport SDL , FULL GPU/CPU Support , Double Buffering , Rendering can handle  1000 HD animate movieclip at 60.

                                      Also Full Screan lags really bad.


                                      Thats all I want really.

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                                        An easy way to install new SDK's!

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                                          boudewijndanser Level 1

                                          9re9 wrote:


                                          Hotkeys for cycling brush modes or selecting them directly.


                                          Yeah! Now that would be AWEsome!

                                          9re9 wrote:


                                          This is very theraputic. Does anyone from Adobe read these?

                                          Who knows...

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                                            Hey there, I have a humble suggestion for the next release of Flash: I think it would be quite beneficial if a schematical could be provided when working with multiple objects in Flash, in order to show details such as which display object(S) are in which sprite or movieclip, which contains which, which display object has which events or what kind of functions are available on the main stage and so on.

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                                              Filippo Gregoretti Level 1

                                              When publishing a movie, if there is a compiler error, do not compile a non-working swf which I have to click and close.

                                              Just abort compilation and save me time.

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                                                emrah atilkan Level 1

                                                There are different errors, some errors don't publish movie but some errors may allow your app to work. I agree about it has to improve a lot. There are really great ides much better that flash pro.

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                                                  - Exporting assets as SWFs

                                                  - A better brush tool (See ToonBoom's features)

                                                  - Customizable UI and colours

                                                  - 64 ******* BIT

                                                  - Make it not crash every 10 seconds when handling large files

                                                  - Pretty much everything said in this thread. Why don't we have them in Flash CS6?

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                                                    socalfish Level 1

                                                    I concur, give the ability in Flash when releasing an exe to change the Icon and Tile. Pretty simple I would think!

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                                                      can someone help me? whenever I use FLASH Cs6 and use the line tool, brush tool, oval tool, anything that draws on screen pretty much. whenever im done placing my line or shape, a PURPLE box appears around it, this makes it soooo much harder to animate and takes alot longer to do so. can someone please tell me how i can restore my flash so I get NO PURPLE boxes around my shapes?

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                                                        khmccurdy Level 1

                                                        You got Object mode on, buddy.

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                                                          khmccurdy Level 1

                                                          While a few things for the web developers would be nice, can you please make another release that focuses on the ANIMATORS? Haven't had one of those since CS4, and they usually tend to build on animation tools substantially. And kindly include a few (all) of these things:


                                                          •Ability to sync MovieClips to the timeline (through some checkbox option)

                                                          •Authortime Pixel Bender filters (imported to Library and available in Filters Panel)

                                                          •ToonBoom's brush tool

                                                          •Independent X, Y, Z keyframes (behaving like every other property curve)

                                                          •Ability to parent one MovieClip to another (instance-based, author-time, like parenting in After Effects)

                                                          •3D depth sorting

                                                          •Abilty to toggle “Layer” blending independent of blending mode or filter

                                                          •Moar blend modes! (Including AND and XOR)

                                                          •Motion Tweens and Classic Tweens on the same layer

                                                          •Polystar Tool options inside Properties Panel

                                                          •Polystar Primitive (with Corner Radius, Inner Radius, etc.)

                                                          •Ability to change Graphic symbols’ Play/Loop/Frame settings mid-tween (maybe even keyframed in Motion Editor)

                                                          •Mutiple eases per property per tween span

                                                          •Easier quadratic curves in Motion Editor

                                                          •Ability to exceed 100% in the “Advanced” Color Effect (left column)

                                                          •Custom easing for Shape Tweens

                                                          •Ability to toggle between constraining proportions and constraining values themselves in the Transform Panel’s “scale” property (the latter was the behavior pre-CS4)

                                                          •Make selecting Tween Spans the same as selecting other frames by default (frame-based)

                                                          •Ability to import WMA and WMV files

                                                          •Access of Shape properties in ActionScript (an inverse to the Drawing API)

                                                          •Muting of individual sounds and/or layers with sound

                                                          •“Angle” setting for blur (to make it bi-directional)

                                                          •For loops in Pixel Bender

                                                          •Special blurs for different properties (rotation, skew, scale, etc.) to simulate motion blur

                                                          •Illustrator's symbolism tools (shifter, scruncher, sizer, spinner, stainer, and screener)

                                                          •Diffusion curves (Orzan et. al. 2008)

                                                          •MIDI support (including MIDI events in ActionScript)


                                                          oh yeah, and make it stop crashing.

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                                                            boudewijndanser Level 1

                                                            I added an idea, please help me vote it up / get some attention from Adobe.



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