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    Creative Suites 4, upgraded to ver. 5.5 and still having problem

    Stormcloud492 Level 1

      I posted a previous question, but couldn't figure out how to add something to the thread (?!) Also, I mistakenly described it as "Adobe Resource Manager". It is called "Adobe Resource Synchronizer".


      I notice my fan starting to work too hard, so I look in my Activity Monitor and see that "Adobe Resource Synchronizer" is using upwards of 80% of the system resources and keeps going, as much as 98% of system resources! So I "quit" the process and the fan dies back down.


      It happens almost everytime I work on the computer, and then it's O.K. after I turn it off. But what is it doing? Am I shutting off some necessary process needed by Creative Suite? What is it attempting to do. It can't possibly be right to use so much of the system resources and almost overheat my computer!


      Sorry I had to start this as a new thread. I was logged in, but couldn't find a way to add to the previous discussion.