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    PDF rendition on the new iPad

    MichaelChaize Adobe Employee

      Hi guys,


      I've just had the opportunity to test my folio on the new iPad. First, I'm happily surprise by the quality. Honnestly, it's okay.


      I've read a article with the PDF rendition, and here is the behavior:

      - when you arrive on the page, the text looks very "aliased". It really looks like a classic JPEG rendition.

      - then if you pinch/zoom-in just a little bit, you can start seeing the PDF. The text is rendered and it looks perfect.


      I guess that it's the classic behavior of the viewer. First, it displays a JPEG and then if you zoom-in, it's using the PDF. I guess that it's for optimization reasons, smooth transitions, etc...


      Can we imagine a new behavior ?

      - the reader opens a new page, and sees the JPEG.

      - once the page loaded, the DPS viewer starts rendering the PDF with high-definition text

      - if the user taps the screen (to move to the next page for instance), then the reader displays the JPEG again.