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    Verity Migration

    David Epler Community Member

      I know that Verity was going to be removed after ColdFusion 9. I am going to be in a situation where the organization I am at will be migrating from ColdFusion 8 to 10 upon release. I do not see any information on how to migrate the existing Verity collections that exist in ColdFusion 8 to Solr in ColdFusion 10 as there was for ColdFusion 9. So my question comes down to what are the options?


      1) Upgrade to CF9 to migrate the Verity collection to Solr and then upgrade to CF10

      2) Junk the existing Verity collections and just recreate them in Solr going straight to CF 10


      Is Adobe going to provide any guidance on the issue? I know I'm not gonig to be the only one upgrading from CF8 to CF10 with Verity collections.



      - David Epler