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    H.264 import problem


      After reinstalling CS4 all files renderd previously as H.264, will not import saying they are unsupported or corrupt. They play fine in media player. Some of them were rendered only  the  day  before. They also  hang or crash the program. any suggestions?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Do you have the full compliment of HD Project Presets, and full compliment of HD Export Presets?


          If you do not, then see this ARTICLE, as it could well be that the Revert to Trail Bug has bitten.


          Good luck,



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            pagestep Level 1

            Hi Bill,

            Thank you very much for your reply. I seem to have all the HD presets. I do not have an upgrade version. I have the full licienced CS4 Suit.

               I see some consistencies in the problem I have, which are sort of inconsistant but consistant enough. When opening the project, and any dirivatives concerned, it will find some of the files and show an icon for them. But some of the icons stay greyed out, and finally turn green. However, inconsistantly, each time the greened out files varies. Not always the same ones, and if double clicked on, crash the program. So bit by bit I deleted any greenies, and saved the project before getting a crash, With each new restart of the program it loaded faster, and more sanely. I noticed on rebooting the computer that Photoshop server and importer process server were having to be closed down before shutdown, indicating they were still open even though premier was shut down. So, after a crash I would go into the windows task manager and sure enough they would be open. I closed them and the program would open cleaner next time. After eradicating any greyed out or green icons, I tried importing again, and the imported file icon was greayed out. I  saved, closed the program, opened it again. It was now there. ... still very shakey. I totally uninstalled the whole suite, then rebooted and reinstalled the  whole thing... same problem. It looks like the import process is confused. Does this look like a windows system fault? I sure hate the idea of having to back up so many gigs, and formatting, as I just did that six months ago. The fact that some of the files open and sometimes not,and not always the same, and can sometimes be imported, and  other programs can open the files, indicates that the files are not corrupt. Any reason why the importer is confused? Any suggestions? Thank very much for your help.