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    Long Audio Delay

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      I'm running on Mac 10.7.3 using the latest free trial of Adobe Connect.


      I'm experiencing very long audio delays (5 seconds or more) when in a meeting room. I've searched the forums and found this   Re: Long audio delay By jonturkle, posted Nov 20, 2008 by this doesn't seem to match my situation as I'm not in a hosted environment or behind any firewalls that would restrict ports. (Or at least I don't think anything like this should be going on)


      Video streams fine, so it doesn't seem to be a bandwidth problem, just a lag with audio.


      Has anyone got any ideas what might be causing this and how it can be fixed?




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          By free trial of Adobe Connect, are you talking about Hosted Trial? or did you build a server?

          If it's Hosted trial, then you are in a hosted environment.


          In the upper right corner of your meeting, see the vertical green bar.  Click that - to see your connection /latency.


          In the room, choose Meeting / Preferences.

          Set your preferences for bandwidth to DSL/Cable


          Then run the audio setup wizard.