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    Error installing the beta on Window 7 64bit

    ZygW techies

      The beta installed fine on one system, but another (Windows 7 64bit), using the same install files I get:


      FATAL: Payload '{0712C1A3-F5C0-4D29-9CC8-225ED1CEDFF2} Camera Profiles Installer' information not found in Media_db.


      I have CS 5 installed on the working system and CS5.5 and Lightroom 4.0 installed on the failing system.  The only other odd thing is that I initially tried to install it on D drive due to lack of space on C.  Now when I run set-up agian, it shows C:\Program Files\Adobe as default install dir, but shows available space from D drive (there is a very significant diference in free space between the drives). It will fail with the error installing to either drive.