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    "You need to install a printer"

    Richard Pasco Community Member

      I'm running Acrobat Pro 9.5.0 under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit build 7601 SP 1.  It usually works correctly, but every few hours, when I open a PDF file and hit Ctrl-P or invoke File/Print, an error box pops up:


      You need to install a printer.png

      The fact is that my Windows 7 installation already includes several printers, all listed when I go to Start Menu -> Devices and Printers.  My default printer works correctly from all other applications (e.g. MS-Word, Mozille Firefox).  However, I can't seem to convince Acrobat to use it, without re-booting my computer.  And then, after I re-boot, I can print from Acrobat for the next few hours, until for some unexpected reason, the same problem recurs.


      Now I'm getting pretty tired of interrupting my work to reboot my system every time I want to print a PDF document.  I would really like to know why and how this problem happens and how to fix it.  Any ideas?


           - Rich