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    Testing a 1024x768 Folio in PDF format on iPad 2 and iPad 3

    blackmountain-agency Level 1

      With the same Luminosity level, colors are less saturated on the iPad 3. I prefer the colors on the iPad 2, especially the yellow color of my client's logo !

      Also it seems the iPad 3 displays more blues.


      Quality of inline videos semmes native on the iPad 3, all the pixels are concentrated so the quality is much better on the 3.


      The slight bluriness of photos on the iPad 2 renders the same photos better than on the iPad 3 because on the latter pixels are more sharp.


      The quality of texts is of course better on the iPad 3 but I'm not impressed by a white (Registration 5%) text on a black background, I expected a higher quality than what I see on the iPad 2.


      PDF rendering much faster, almost immediate.