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    Creating 3D comments via Javascript


      3D comments can be created interactively inside of a 3D scene. Is there a way to create a 3D comment via Javascript? Something like the doc.addAnnot method but for a 3D comment?


      I also posted this to the Javascript forum.



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          BriggsD787 Level 1

          That confirms what I suspected.


          So the follow-on question is: if I can't do it via Javascript, can I write a plug-in using the SDK to do it? From an initial reading of the 3D sections of the SDK its unclear whether there is support for the creation of 3D comments. The support for the creation of 3D markup appears to be the creation of 3D notes and tolerances in the PRC format as additional content in the 3D content, not as 3D comments to be applied to the 3D content. I'm unable to find support in the SDK for creating 3D comments like the ones availble interactively.


          As a related rant: the terminology used in the API document is very inconsistent. 3D Annotations refer to the 3D scene, 3D markup refers to GD&T like content in the 3D scene whereas these terms refer to commenting tools in the Acrobat/Reader interface.

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            You can do pretty much anything you want via the SDK (using plugins or IAC), as even when there's no direct access to the UI tools, you can write low-level data into the PDF (creating a 3D annotation is fully documented in the ISO PDF extension). However, questions about using the SDK should be posted to the dedicated forum, where the engineers can provide detailed help.