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    Metadata - how to update just a portion


      Hi All!


      I have a problem.  I am in charge of keeping a LR caatalog up to date for a non-profit.  They use Expression Media to keyword images and I then import them into the Lightroom catalog. Once in the catalog I tweak and correct the images so they are ready for export.  From time to time the non-profit will add keywords to the images with Expression media. 

      When this has happened I am alerted to the fact because when I open the LR catalog there is an arrow pointing UP in the top right hand corner of each image that has new keywords.  As you all know when we add new keywords within LR the arrow is pointing down.  When I click on the up-pointing arrow I get this message..


      The metadata for this photo has been changed by another application.  Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog?


      If I select 'Import settings from Disk' the new keywords are added but I loose all of my tweaks.


      So my question is this... is there a way to just import the updated keywords and not change any of the tweaks?


      Thanks in advance for any help.



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          dj_paige Level 10

          If you are going to use two different programs to handle your metadata, then you need to have LR write XMP to the photo files (or associated sidecar files, depending on the file type). You can turn this option on in Preferences. Once the XMP is written to the photo, the next time you import the metadata from your files, the edits are included.


          Advice: if you can find a way to use only one program to handle your metadata (e.g. Lightroom), then you will be much better off, and save lots of time updating metadata. Not only that, there is a possibility that using the two programs will cause some incompatibility in the metadata somewhere sometime.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            To build on Paige's advice (with which I agree): The option in Preferences causes LR to write your edits and metadata changes back to the files in background.  Usually, that happens very soon after you make the changes, but people have reported that sometimes with large catalogs or large numbers of changes, it can take much longer for the changes to get written back.  So I recommend that after an editing session, you select all the files you've edited and do Metadata > Save Metadata To File to ensure that the changes are written back before some in Expression Media changes the file again. 


            (In LR 4, you can set up a Filter Bar preset or Smart Collection that will search for just thoses files that need their metadata written back.)

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              rebeccagarrett Level 1

              Just wanted to say Thank you!  to you both for responding so quickly.  The

              auto write feature has been enabled.  For anyone else interested in this

              feature it is hiding in 'Catalog Settings'.