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        I've had Buzzword for two years now and I love it. But the folders - or lack of, prevent me from using it with any real zeal.


        Folders, please.


        I want this to replace Office. Not the whole thing but the most useful bits. What I'd REALLY love to use is something to replace Outlook. Then I could store everything with Adobe and switch to Cloud entirely.


        Lovving the work, here's hoping.

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          mcacbat Community Member



          Thank you for your post. Please stay tuned, better organization is on the way! Can you be more specific about what features you'd need to replace office? (I assume address book is one... what other "useful bits".)





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            Hi -


            My vision sucks, especially my right eye, so I have all my CS4 pallete windows undocked and set up in three columns on the left:




            I have them seperated from each other a bit because i find them easier to locate this way.


            But when I open a new or existing file, with no others open, it hides the document window behind my tools and I have to move it over 




            once the document window is moved over to the right, any new document I open appears in a tab - no problem


            I would like the document window for a new or existing file (with no other files open yet) to open to the right of my tool palletes, like this:




            Otherwise, everytime I launch PS or AI and open or create a new file, I have to move the document window over to the right (thousands of times now...)


            Could there be a preference check box so you can designate that any new or existing document window to always open in the open space of you screen, sized appropriately?




            Mark O'Hara

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              The Ability to save Ruler guides to a Ruler Layer, making it easier to manage different ruler guides for different things and not display so many on the screen at once.


              And on that also being able to set the colour of a ruler layer to further define them apart from one another.



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                Here's a feature request that, if brought to fruition, would make my personal and professional life about a thousand times easier:


                How about a single Adobe Updater app that will update ALL versions of ALL installed Adobe software on the computer?


                Let's just take a modern scenario: I've got CS5.5 on my machine. The Adobe Updater app updates all of the CS5.5 software, right? NOPE! Acrobat Pro has a separate updater. Why? Adobe Flash has a separate updater. Why? Adobe AIR has a separate updater. Why? Adobe Reader has a separate updater. Why? Adobe Shockwave doesn't even have an updater, so updates have to be manually identified and located and downloaded and installed. And the problem compounds itself if you have multiple CS versions installed (e.g., Photoshop CS3 and After Effects CS4), and it's an absolute NIGHTMARE if you're responsible for managing a couple hundred machines. I hate having to jump through so many damned hoops just to keep my Adobe software updated.


                So here's what you really should do, Adobe. Go back to all of your previous versions, all the way back to the original Creative Suite ("CS1") as well as comparably time-stamped versions of Reader, Flash Player, etc, and release one more update for each. This update does THREE things: (1) installs a single universal Adobe Updater that will update all versoins of all installed Adobe software, (2) disables the individual update mechanisms for those Adobe softwares that have them, and (3) introduces an update mechanism for those Adobe softwares that don't have them. Let the Adobe Updater work like the OS X Software Update app; have a background service occasionally poll the update server for newer versions of installed software and notify the user as needed.


                Why this hasn't happened in the past decade is a really good question!

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                  You guys need to make a "Level-Up" thing like in Photoshop. But in Flash, and other programs.

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                    This may well have come up before and I apologize if this is an old subject as I'm new to the forum.  Anyhow, hopefully this is the right place to throw this thought forth.


                    Has there been any consideration to offering free Adobe software once it reaches a certain level of "obsolete"?  For example, Photoshop 7?  Granted, I realize some software won't even work with newer computers and operating systems, but some of it will.  I know this sounds, possibly ridiculous, but I don't think it's all that crazy.  My very first Photoshop experience was with Photoshop 7, which had been given to me by a friend.  I would never have even known of this product without that introduction, nor would I have been able to afford it even had I known.  And I learned SO much with that product!  I used it for years and became extremely proficient with it.  Many years later, I was able to purchase both Photoshop and Illustrator CS5.  I use them every day in my graphic design career.  If older software were available, either for free or for a very low price, I think it could go a long way towards introducing new users to a product that might currently be out of their price range.  I'm going to be an Adobe gal forever thanks to that initial program way back when.  If other people, like me, are able to easily get a copy they can learn with, I've no doubt they would become forever users too.




                    - Tanya 

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                      I've been working as a desgner and animator for games for some time now.

                      There are a lot of tools that are very useful to work with every different kind of graphics but I believe the best all purpose one is adobe photoshop.


                      However Adobe Photoshop interpolation methods when you need hard defined edges could be improved (the nearest neighbourg method).


                      My suggestion is, why not add newer interpolation methods such as RotSprite which does a much better and defined job? As a game designer this kind of interpolation would make my workflow much easier as I have to constantly be switching softwares when I want to do this. It is a feature really useful for those who want to work with perfect rotations and transformation without any kind of blurryness

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                        bob.treitman Adobe Employee

                        This particular forum is for suggestions for improving Workspaces, not Photoshop.  If you want the Photoshop team to read this, you should post your comment in one of the Photoshop forums.

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                          adolfo doring


                          Can you put an Export to multiple (at least 2) folders in Lightroom?

                          Thank you

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                            bob.treitman Adobe Employee

                            This particular forum is for Adobe Workspaces, not Lightroom.  If you want the Lightroom team to read this, you should post your comment in one of the Lightroom forums.

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                              The ability to group brush presets like layers. Or at least an organization method - like "a-z", "date modified", etc.
                              Also color coding the brush presets would be super helpful for sorting!!

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                                bob.treitman Adobe Employee

                                What product are you suggesting this feature for?

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                                  It would be really handy to have a symmetry tool in Illustrator. For example, when illustrating a face/lips type of thing you could draw one side and see a live preview of what the other side will look like rather than having to flip horizontal at the end.

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