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    Is ColdFusion the solution for me?


      I've recently started working with Air for a client and I've been having somewhat of a hard time converting.  I'm normally a .net developer so I'm trying to overcome my learning curve.  I'd like to know if ColdFusion would be a good solution for the problem I'm facing.


      I have an Air application that needs access to a simple xml file that sits on an external server.  This file can't be exposed for security reasons.  The security can be simple, I just don't want any random person being able to view it via a link.  I noticed ColdFusion could help here.  It seems as though I may be able to use the URLLoader with a URLVariable and call a ColdFusion application that's on the server that has access to the document.  Is this the case or am I oversimplifying this.  I got the idea from an example http://help.adobe.com/en_US/as3/dev/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d118a9b90204-7cfd.html#WS5b3cc c516d4fbf351e63e3d118666ade46-7cb2.  If this is the case, I'll get CF and all will be well in the world.


      My other solution was to write a .Net web service and try to access it with AS3 but that seems fairly messy to me.  I also considered a PHP script that could give it to me but that as well seems messy.


      So I ask, is CF for me?


      I appreciate any help.  This is a new concept and a new development environment so I apologize in advance.

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          To get ColdFusion and use it for only one thing is expensive.  Not only do you have to buy the software but you would have to learn the language (the latter is not that difficult).

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            joshb910 Level 1

            I guess I misunderstood the price of the software.  I was pricing the builder which was my mistake.  It's probably not the right solution for me unless my client commits to a lot more work.  It does seem like the easy solution though, just not financially though.  Thanks for the quick response.

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              joshb910 Level 1

              Price aside, would CF work for my solution?  Here is what I'm thinking.  I'm sure this isn't correct but should give an understanding.  If I use the following code(I'd add in some variables later):

              <cfset myXML= XMLParse(ExpandPath("xmlDoc.xml"))>



              And make a simple call to it like this:


              var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest();

              request.url = "myaddress.com/xmlReader.cfm;

              request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;

              var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader().

              //add the rest of the code here


              Am I oversimplifying this or would it reabe this simple?  If it is this simple, I don't mind making this investment.  I could use this kind of functionality on a few other applications I intend on making and I'm sure I can find new uses once I dig into CF.


              As far as price, it looks like the standard edition is in my price range if I'm correct.  I was pricing the enterprise edition previously.

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                12Robots Level 4

                Yeah, it probably is about that simple. 


                Of course, you're makign your XML available via a URL, which is what you said you didn't want to do, it just isn't the same URL. 



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                  joshb910 Level 1

                  Honestly, what I'd probably do is just pass in a key that the application has access to, validate it in CF, and then allow access.  The information by no means is sensitive information, I just wanted a simple middle layer between the client application and the XML document for a small layer of security.  I'm sure if someone desperately wanted the information they'd easily get around that, but honestly the information isnt' really worth much to anyone and that's more than enough.  I don't have to add this functionality but I'd like to.  I think this is what I want to do.  I'm sure I could do it other ways, but this seems to be the quickest route and the time it'll save will make up for the cost of the software.  I've already spent several hours researching what I'd want to do.