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    ColdFusion Automatic Timing Script w/ Conditionals


      I need some help with creating an automatic timing script with ColdFusion. My assumption is cfschedule and conditionals will be used to get this done. I am looking for something automatic, not on browser loads.


      Anyways, every 60 minutes I would like to see if a page on one of my servers (http://www.mysite.com/page.php) is working or not.


      If the page is down when it is checked, then it will check again in 5 minutes to see if the page is back up.


      If it is not back up, then I am sent an e-mail to email@mysite.com. If it is back up, then no action is required and we start the 60 minute cycle check again.


      Can anybody please help me with this?


      Thank you,


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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          If the page is down on the first check and you don't do anything, how do you expect it to come back up within 5 minutes.


          If it were me, I simplify it by checking every hour and immediatelysending an email if it's down.

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            Owain North Level 4

            I would say in all honesty, don't bother doing this - certainly not with ColdFusion. Two reasons why, firstly because there is already software out there to monitor sites far more thoroughly than this that you can get for free, and secondly in my experience PHP (which you're testing) is generally more stable than ColdFusion (which you're testing with). If anything in your IIS / Java / ColdFusion stack goes wrong, you have no monitoring at all, and you don't know it. There's a reason monitoring software is normally quite simple behind the scenes, and is a standalone service or executable with very few dependencies.


            I'd say you're just as likely to lose the CF service as you are the PHP website. And as Dan quite rightly says, why are you monitoring a site where it doesn't matter if it's down within five minutes and is capable of fixing itself? No site should ever be down for five minutes regularly these days.

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              BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is fast becoming spam. You asked the same question 2 days ago, and didn't react to the suggestions.