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    Bridge output CS6


      Should this be blank? I click on it and nothing is there?

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          edtog Community Member


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            edtog Community Member

            I had the same problem on 2 different hd's/user accounts with CS5, guess the same bug with the Bridge startup scripts is present in CS6 as well? As a photographer not having the contact sheet option is a bit of a problem.

            I installed CS6 on a brand new hd/user account, OS Lion, so why no startup scripts??

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              Pattie F Adobe Employee

              Can you give a little bit more information about your issue (steps to reproduce, what happened, what was expected)  and your system (win/mac, os, video card)?





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                Curt Y Community Member

                This has been a problem especially with CS5.1.  Both the Output and Startup Scripts pages are blank.


                Have been wracking my brain to come up with the post where the solution was presented.  So far no luck.


                Remember the solution was to replace the blank 5.1 file with the contents of 5.0, which was also on thier computer.


                Just can't remember which file.  But maybe this clue will help foster a solution.


                Here is what one person is working on in Bridge Forum. 



                I went to HD/library/application support/Adobe/Bridge CS5.1 Extensions


                I changed the name of the folder to loose "extensions". Restarted bridge and it started with no scripts. Went back in and then changed the name back to the original. Scripts all loaded without errors.


                I think it might have something to do with looking for extensions in the wrong place. Changing the folder name seemed to reset the behavior.


                Now if I can just get the output panel to work.


                Correction by Omke - Don't rename the folder but create a new one with same name but instead CS5 use CS5.1 and copy the content to the new folder in the same location

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                  edtog Community Member

                  Thanks Curt, will try that with my version of CS5.


                  Pattie-Machine is stock Mac Pro mid 2010, Lion 10.7.3, CS6 installed on brand new ssd, new user account. Standard install of CS6.

                  I had the  same problem with Bridge on CS5, startup scrips never loaded, meaning output pane was blank, and has reamained the same for the past 18 months.

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                    Curt Y Community Member

                    edtog, here is another related link.  http://forums.adobe.com/message/4350679#4350679


                    This one started out with lots of script errors and no output pannel.  Look at post #5 for solultion.  THis is on a Mac.


                    He stated "One thing I noticed was that everytime Bridge was starting, it created a folder in /volumes called "null". I checked three other macs setup the same was as mine and NONE of them created this folder during bridge startup"


                    While this is with CS5.1 might be worth checking out on CS6 if you see similar problems.