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    Problems emailing InCopy CS5.5 files


      Recently got a new laptop and upgraded to InCopy CS5.5 and Outlook for email. On the first package I opened from my art director, when I was done placing copy I checked in all the content, hit the command for "Return for InDesign and email" and got a dialog box indicating InCopy was looking for Entourage. Then it took me to a list of choices, and I selected Outlook, assuming it wanted me to indicate what email program to use since Entourage isn't on my new system. Clicked on that but the file simply closed. Tried again (repeatedly, with different packages) and every time I choose "Return for InDesign and email" the Outlook window comes to the front—and I also get a dialog box that contains no message but an OK button. Clicking on the OK button closes the IC file, and that's the end of it—no package waiting for an address, no nothing.