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    Page Size is Wrong


      I have spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out how to change the page size from 8X 5 to 8 X 5.25.


      If you have to be a flippin' rocket scientist to do this, then I don't think anything Adobe has to offer me is worth paying for this frustration.



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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In Acrobat Pro try the crop tool.

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            JRTurner17 Level 1

            Will the crop tool enlarge all 350 pages?

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              Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can use the crop tool on one page, all pages, or a range of pages.

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                JRTurner17 Level 1

                THANK YOU! My gosh, you'd think "enlarging" wouldn't be under "Crop"--if "cropping" does that--why don't they call it "resizing" or something????? This is an insane way to run a program. I don't believe Adobe will be getting my business after this.

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                  Bill@VT Level 7

                  Such a small reason for not continuing with a product. I am surprised  you still use Windows with the way MS does things. The change to OFFICE 2007 made it almost impossible to find things without relearning a product line. As long as you are using Acrobat, give it a chance. For what you were trying to do, there are not many other ways other than going back to the original and creating a new PDF.

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                    JRTurner17 Level 1

                    Any program that wants you to enlarge an image or a document by first hitting the "Crop" button, expects it's customers to be psychic--there really is no logical reason to have an option that resizes and only label that option "Crop." In no industry does the word "crop" mean "enlarge" and that's just what Adobe Acrobat Pro X expects us to understand. What other language should I have to learn to enjoy a product I pay for? Because that is definitely not English. And this was for such a small task--no telling what insanity I'll uncover when I try to do something far more complex.


                    So while it may seem a small reason to you--I have far too much work to do to spend the majority of my time searching for simple answers that will not come in simple language even to resolve the most simplest problem.

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                      try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      You're not "enlarging" anything. You're just adding more white margins

                      around the content of your document.

                      In fact, if you'll print it out later, the contents will become relatively

                      smaller, since a larger part of the page will just be white space.