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    Reader Extensions ES WebApp

    BapediBoupi Community Member

      Hi all,


      I have a problem when I try to reader extend a form using Reader Extensions webapp (http://[host]:[port]/ReaderExtensions).

      I can upload the form, select the rights and then when I click "Apply", the progress / waiting bar "Download" keep running and nothing happens.


      Did anyone ever encoutered this issue ?

      Is there a solution ?





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          SForrest96 techies

          Does this problem occur with all forms and documents that you ry to Reader Extend?  Have you checked the server log file to see if any exceptions are being thrown?




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            BapediBoupi Community Member

            Hi Steve,


            First of all, thanks for your response


            This problem seems to occur with all pdf files that I try to upload (tested 5 of them so far). There is absolutely nothing in the server log ...

            I tested connecting to RE from my computer and directly from the server, both have the same problem.


            I'm using ReaderExtensions V8.0 by the way.





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              Jenn Andrews

              Flash Player 10 broke the Reader Extensions sample application included with LiveCycle ES 8.0.1, and 8.2.1. When you use it, it will essentially hang. The workaround is to revert back to Flash Player 9 on those machines you use as LiveCycle clients.

              This problem has been fixed in LC 8.2.1 SP3 as well as in ES2.